How can I make my profile stand out?

Your profile is a reflection of you. When you bid on a job, that employer will be able to access your Gradlancer profile. It is important to display as much information as possible so potential employers can get a good idea of your capabilities and if you're a suitable candidate for their project. Below are some tips on how to make sure your profile is in tip top shape! 

About Me

  • This is your sales pitch. Adding a touch of personality goes a long way to giving the employer a greater understanding of you as a person.
  • Ask university tutors to give you a brief ‘recommendation’ for any outstanding pieces of work or subjects you’ve excelled in.
  • Upload links to any blogs you’ve written, portfolios of work, websites you’ve produced or certifications you’ve been awarded.
  • Upload an image of yourself for your profile picture. You may want to include images of you giving presentations within in a business environment or at university! Establish that sense of professionalism on your profile to set yourself up with the best chance of success!


It can be more than you think! Employers want to understand the type of person you are and what you will bring to their businesses as a freelancer. Let them know what you've done before so they can get an idea of your skills and expertise! Here are some suggestions;

  • Writing about work you’ve produced for university shows a great depth of theoretical knowledge in that particular subject area. Showcase your talents and let employers know what you are good at!
  • Add any jobs you’ve completed in the past and how they contribute to the current skills and strengths that you’ve listed – keep it concise. Be sure to upload any images that may be relevant to it!
  • Extra-curricular items count! Ensure you add in any blogging experience, articles written, charity work, previous projects, work experience or internships. Have a good think, you’ve probably done more than you think!


Adding any certifications you may have received in any prior education will help add credibility to your profile. Show them off!

Skills and strengths

These can make or break your profile. No matter how great you sound, if you don't have the necessary skills the employer is looking for then the likelihood of getting the job is slim to non. So what are they?

Skills and strengths are there to link employers to students that are most suited to their project. If the projects required skills are "matched" with the students then they will be automatically linked with one another and will appear on the students "browse projects." The strengths that you include on your profile are there for employers to see what you are good at! Please note that strength tags on your profile do not link you with employer skills required and will not match you with opportunities. You need to make sure that your skills are relevant to the work you can take on. 

Your university degree gives the employer the best idea of what you can do. BUT you aren't limited to what you study remember! Your skills and strengths can showcase your areas of interest and attributes that you are confident you can display in the work place. Here's an example of Lucas, the marketing student. 

Name: Lucas Scott 

University of Southampton 

Degree: BA Marketing 

Skills: Marketing, Graphic Design, Animation. 

Strengths: Social Media Marketing, SEO (Search Engine Optimisation), HTML, Merchandising, Blogging, PPC (Pay Per Click). 

The idea behind this is that even though you have key skills, you may have strengths in other areas that could be of use to employers. Don't limit yourself, include as much as you can to really showcase your abilities. 


  • Try and focus on a smaller range of ‘key’ skills you excel at. These are specific to what you feel you are best at.  This will help to promote you as a specialist in that key area. 
  • Your strengths can be broader and support the aspects of your key skills. 

Adding as much relevant information to your profile will help reduce perceived risk from the employer – a friendly but professional bio will encourage them to make contact! Good luck! 

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